Making another list, ok here we go:

reading, writing, telling stories, explaining, teaching, connecting people to spirit, dancing, walking, being outdoor, perhaps writing, not yet sure I may need a thread leading me into a story or a manual.
Perhaps the seasons, I can try to tell the story of the journey with the medicine wheel through the experiences of these last 4 years, perhpas accompanied by drawings and photos connected to the entrance of spiritual vision in daily life.

Re orientering myself in the world in a completly new way.
This can be an opportunity to give back to the world what i have learnt and assimilated in 25 years.
After the many years of practice, it may be time to share with a wider audience and address the issues I really care about,
I could also check if there are online networks I could have access to, so that I can spread my ideas and vision.

After writing this list I had so many questions:
What makes my vision different from others? If my experience is unique and relevant how can I get it accross without sounding pompous, self centered, know it all and megalomaniac?
How do I get it across in a way that is respectful of the different traditions and yet keeps its unique

Where do I start? Humbly from the ground, from me and spring
This is how it all started!

After much deliberation I simply started to write from my heart and the
memories of countless meetings, ceremonies, workshops, courses, sessions, came flooding back to my attention. I am forever grateful to my teachers, to my clients who opened their hearts so that we could be healed together, to the participants in the seminars and classes and professional course, to the dancers and helpers, drummers who have filled my life with so much joy.

This small book is meeant to be a key for the door to our inner sight, the work is all yours, I have only put together some stories and tools to help you get started.
The first part of the book is a highly personal description of the journey on the metaphor of the medicine wheel, it is interpreted by me, a non native person, therefore I have used stories and images from all the cultural backgrounds encountered in my own life.

I do not claim to be telling the utmost truth, but my own experience of it in its constant evolution. I have chosen to do this in order to offer more tools for people who want to relate to the misteries of life.

The second part of the book offers more explanations and bibliographical data, for those who want to study also in this way.  I am still writing this part.

This is not a scholarly book, but the direct experience of life as it is for one practioner of spirituality.

After two years from the beginning of this enterprise, I have decided to share  these steps in a blog, following times and seasons, so that this becomes a work in progress, just like the real spiritual research.

Badger Medicine Spirit


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