1. SPRING An Encounter

An Encounter

A room full of people, chattering noises in the background, only one presence was strong

and clear, focussing the attention without any fuss. A man, not very tall, darkish skin and

hair, casual clothes, very deep intense eyes that could scan each of us easily. Strong

ancient emotions, a knot of tears coming to my eyes for no apparent reason, while I sat

down on the cushion this still unknown man had kindly offered me.

A recognition had taken place then, a sense of relief came over me, I had finally found my people,

I wans’t alone anymore: there were others like me.

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How many times have we felt that we need to find our tribe? What if we could be welcomed

back again in it, and what if we could recognize our tribe in each and every human being

around us?

More rethorical questions, more work ahead to find the answers.


The few lines above describe my first meeting with my teacher Joseph. That was the time

that changed my life and I knew it, although it took me far too long to really own it.

Since that meeting I have had the joy and pains of the searcher who is blessed with a

teacher and I still need to do my daily work.


Ultimately the teacher is inside each of us, the external teacher will help us to find the

path, he/she may give us a form to use, perhaps a path to follow,

but in the end it is our individual work that will make the path our own with all its peculiarities and gifts.


In a way this is the essence of spring: a bright light that allows us to see all of our life past

present and future, it is up to us to act on it, remember and treasure the vision for those

moments when we are swamped in the details of everyday life, or emotional turmoil.


This intense light will hit also other parts of us, alleviating the heaviness of our physical

bodies, will defuse the sometimes destructive impact of intense emotions and will always

lead us back to the place of spirit, since eagle and hawk are metaphors of spirit presence.

Bathed in the golden light, we can approach our day, since this is the light of dawn as well,

with renewed awareness, stopping a few moments to thank the day for its new gifts.

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude and silent prayer offers us peace of mind and a higher

level of energy that we can then use to our advantage all day long.


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