Every year a new beginning, the air becomes softer, the wind not quite so cold, the buzzing

more insistent, here in Liguria (northern Italy) the weather is mild, the effect of the sea is present.

After the explosion of the mimosa trees in February, an announcement of more suprises to

come, the first daisies appear to brighten up the fields.

The soft yet piercing light of spring clarifies the mind, opens to new thoughts and visions,

it truly gives a clear perception of our lives and how best to walk in them.

With the piercing sight of the high flying eagle we can see all the aspects of our existance

and see the details in the light of clarity and non self deception.

The intensity of this golden light is such that it hits all other aspects and moments, so that

our whole being is bathed in this new light and receives a true bath of purification and


I am going to offer here both information and some exercises to experiment the world of

spring, the direction of the east and the treasures hidden here.

High in the sky a hawk flies in slow circles, attracting my attention to the depth of blue,

to the intensely green mountains around me, to the reflection of the sky in the clear water

of the lake. The few houses are colourful and seem to shine under the sun, the whole

picture catches my eyes, my heart, my senses in one brief instant forever etched in my


Perfection at dawn, a new day begins and opens the path for renewal, like every rising

of the sun.

Do we stop to consider the miracle of daily life? Of the first breath? Of our beating hearts?

Do we still honor each moment of our lives as sacred and as gifts?

Rethorical questions, really, I am well aware of it, yet I cannot help asking, as only by

stirring the apparently tranquil ponds of our lives with questions like these can we really

begin to learn the mysteries of life around us.

I don’t think that I can give answers, but I can supply tools and ways to find questions, this is for me the way to knowledge and understanding.

A few words about my background will give you information about my studies and interests since very early on.

I was always interested/fascinated/couldn’t stay away from spiritual things, I was curious

about how human beings had understood and explained their worlds, so I loved to study

history, later on philosophy as well as Latin and Greek. At university it was love at first

sight with Sanskrit, as I was looking for the sources of Buddhism (which I had been

studying since I was 16). The journey in the classical and oriental world is still ongoing, it

lead me to teaching in class, it helped me to understand the tools I was acquiring as Reiki

and Rebirthing pratictioner, it gave me a solid cultural and spiritual background from

which to explore more of humanity.


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