This Book is dedicated to all my teachers who opened the door and encouraged me to walk in!

To J.R. For his immense patience with a very hard cookie

to B.R. for his constant warmth

to M.G. for showing me the garden

to KB for being.

My gratitude goes to my sister without whom I would get lost.



The Beginning

A bolt of lighting, a sudden intense light, a sharp blade, much blood and screams, so cold!

What’s happening?

Many different voices, liquid around me, warm and pleasant.

Then silence and a lot of empty space.

I am back, once more the wheel of time has turned and I am back in a body, back in the

world, a new life has started.

It is true that I didn’t put all this together at once, I was not born so aware, but many years

of rebirthing, reiki, medicine work, meditation and life in contact with spirit have given

some sense to this journey and its beginnings.

Being back is not pleasant, the place I came from was peaceful and beautiful, luminous and aware, loving and embracing, here things are different.

I was the first child, dedicated to musings and contemplation already so early in life, listening to a different drum from the beginning.

I cannot recall the time when I first conceived the idea of reincarnation, I think that I never forgot it, it just seemed natural to me.

My imaginary friends were probably the memories of old lives and friendly beings now on the other side, no doubt I will meet them again when my time to cross over comes.

This is an odd introduction to a book, I am aware, but I believe that what is written here

has shaped my life even before I knew it and that part of my destiny/dharma/mission

here was already decided before I came back in a body, even if I didnt really want to come

back here, hence the attempt at suicide with the chord around my neck and the sharp

blade I first saw!

Born to dance and be on stage, my life took many different turns until I was delivered again on the door of spirit where my real work is.

On the way I have incarnated many lives:

scholar, wife, entrepreneur, rebirther, teacher, reiki master, dance chief, drummer…………

When I first arrived here in this lifetime, I entered trough the narrow door of spring:

the beginning and the entrance of the wheel of life, it took me many years to find my place in it, now I seem to be more at peace with who and what I am, this book tells the stories that have helped me in  re-orienting my life, I offer them as  tools to re-place and re-orienter yours.

Enjoy and experiment, don’t believe me, but your own experience.


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