1. SPRING An Encounter

An Encounter

A room full of people, chattering noises in the background, only one presence was strong

and clear, focussing the attention without any fuss. A man, not very tall, darkish skin and

hair, casual clothes, very deep intense eyes that could scan each of us easily. Strong

ancient emotions, a knot of tears coming to my eyes for no apparent reason, while I sat

down on the cushion this still unknown man had kindly offered me.

A recognition had taken place then, a sense of relief came over me, I had finally found my people,

I wans’t alone anymore: there were others like me.

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How many times have we felt that we need to find our tribe? What if we could be welcomed

back again in it, and what if we could recognize our tribe in each and every human being

around us?

More rethorical questions, more work ahead to find the answers.


The few lines above describe my first meeting with my teacher Joseph. That was the time

that changed my life and I knew it, although it took me far too long to really own it.

Since that meeting I have had the joy and pains of the searcher who is blessed with a

teacher and I still need to do my daily work.


Ultimately the teacher is inside each of us, the external teacher will help us to find the

path, he/she may give us a form to use, perhaps a path to follow,

but in the end it is our individual work that will make the path our own with all its peculiarities and gifts.


In a way this is the essence of spring: a bright light that allows us to see all of our life past

present and future, it is up to us to act on it, remember and treasure the vision for those

moments when we are swamped in the details of everyday life, or emotional turmoil.


This intense light will hit also other parts of us, alleviating the heaviness of our physical

bodies, will defuse the sometimes destructive impact of intense emotions and will always

lead us back to the place of spirit, since eagle and hawk are metaphors of spirit presence.

Bathed in the golden light, we can approach our day, since this is the light of dawn as well,

with renewed awareness, stopping a few moments to thank the day for its new gifts.

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude and silent prayer offers us peace of mind and a higher

level of energy that we can then use to our advantage all day long.




Every year a new beginning, the air becomes softer, the wind not quite so cold, the buzzing

more insistent, here in Liguria (northern Italy) the weather is mild, the effect of the sea is present.

After the explosion of the mimosa trees in February, an announcement of more suprises to

come, the first daisies appear to brighten up the fields.

The soft yet piercing light of spring clarifies the mind, opens to new thoughts and visions,

it truly gives a clear perception of our lives and how best to walk in them.

With the piercing sight of the high flying eagle we can see all the aspects of our existance

and see the details in the light of clarity and non self deception.

The intensity of this golden light is such that it hits all other aspects and moments, so that

our whole being is bathed in this new light and receives a true bath of purification and


I am going to offer here both information and some exercises to experiment the world of

spring, the direction of the east and the treasures hidden here.

High in the sky a hawk flies in slow circles, attracting my attention to the depth of blue,

to the intensely green mountains around me, to the reflection of the sky in the clear water

of the lake. The few houses are colourful and seem to shine under the sun, the whole

picture catches my eyes, my heart, my senses in one brief instant forever etched in my


Perfection at dawn, a new day begins and opens the path for renewal, like every rising

of the sun.

Do we stop to consider the miracle of daily life? Of the first breath? Of our beating hearts?

Do we still honor each moment of our lives as sacred and as gifts?

Rethorical questions, really, I am well aware of it, yet I cannot help asking, as only by

stirring the apparently tranquil ponds of our lives with questions like these can we really

begin to learn the mysteries of life around us.

I don’t think that I can give answers, but I can supply tools and ways to find questions, this is for me the way to knowledge and understanding.

A few words about my background will give you information about my studies and interests since very early on.

I was always interested/fascinated/couldn’t stay away from spiritual things, I was curious

about how human beings had understood and explained their worlds, so I loved to study

history, later on philosophy as well as Latin and Greek. At university it was love at first

sight with Sanskrit, as I was looking for the sources of Buddhism (which I had been

studying since I was 16). The journey in the classical and oriental world is still ongoing, it

lead me to teaching in class, it helped me to understand the tools I was acquiring as Reiki

and Rebirthing pratictioner, it gave me a solid cultural and spiritual background from

which to explore more of humanity.

This Book is dedicated to all my teachers who opened the door and encouraged me to walk in!

To J.R. For his immense patience with a very hard cookie

to B.R. for his constant warmth

to M.G. for showing me the garden

to KB for being.

My gratitude goes to my sister without whom I would get lost.



The Beginning

A bolt of lighting, a sudden intense light, a sharp blade, much blood and screams, so cold!

What’s happening?

Many different voices, liquid around me, warm and pleasant.

Then silence and a lot of empty space.

I am back, once more the wheel of time has turned and I am back in a body, back in the

world, a new life has started.

It is true that I didn’t put all this together at once, I was not born so aware, but many years

of rebirthing, reiki, medicine work, meditation and life in contact with spirit have given

some sense to this journey and its beginnings.

Being back is not pleasant, the place I came from was peaceful and beautiful, luminous and aware, loving and embracing, here things are different.

I was the first child, dedicated to musings and contemplation already so early in life, listening to a different drum from the beginning.

I cannot recall the time when I first conceived the idea of reincarnation, I think that I never forgot it, it just seemed natural to me.

My imaginary friends were probably the memories of old lives and friendly beings now on the other side, no doubt I will meet them again when my time to cross over comes.

This is an odd introduction to a book, I am aware, but I believe that what is written here

has shaped my life even before I knew it and that part of my destiny/dharma/mission

here was already decided before I came back in a body, even if I didnt really want to come

back here, hence the attempt at suicide with the chord around my neck and the sharp

blade I first saw!

Born to dance and be on stage, my life took many different turns until I was delivered again on the door of spirit where my real work is.

On the way I have incarnated many lives:

scholar, wife, entrepreneur, rebirther, teacher, reiki master, dance chief, drummer…………

When I first arrived here in this lifetime, I entered trough the narrow door of spring:

the beginning and the entrance of the wheel of life, it took me many years to find my place in it, now I seem to be more at peace with who and what I am, this book tells the stories that have helped me in  re-orienting my life, I offer them as  tools to re-place and re-orienter yours.

Enjoy and experiment, don’t believe me, but your own experience.




Making another list, ok here we go:

reading, writing, telling stories, explaining, teaching, connecting people to spirit, dancing, walking, being outdoor, perhaps writing, not yet sure I may need a thread leading me into a story or a manual.
Perhaps the seasons, I can try to tell the story of the journey with the medicine wheel through the experiences of these last 4 years, perhpas accompanied by drawings and photos connected to the entrance of spiritual vision in daily life.

Re orientering myself in the world in a completly new way.
This can be an opportunity to give back to the world what i have learnt and assimilated in 25 years.
After the many years of practice, it may be time to share with a wider audience and address the issues I really care about,
I could also check if there are online networks I could have access to, so that I can spread my ideas and vision.

After writing this list I had so many questions:
What makes my vision different from others? If my experience is unique and relevant how can I get it accross without sounding pompous, self centered, know it all and megalomaniac?
How do I get it across in a way that is respectful of the different traditions and yet keeps its unique

Where do I start? Humbly from the ground, from me and spring
This is how it all started!

After much deliberation I simply started to write from my heart and the
memories of countless meetings, ceremonies, workshops, courses, sessions, came flooding back to my attention. I am forever grateful to my teachers, to my clients who opened their hearts so that we could be healed together, to the participants in the seminars and classes and professional course, to the dancers and helpers, drummers who have filled my life with so much joy.

This small book is meeant to be a key for the door to our inner sight, the work is all yours, I have only put together some stories and tools to help you get started.
The first part of the book is a highly personal description of the journey on the metaphor of the medicine wheel, it is interpreted by me, a non native person, therefore I have used stories and images from all the cultural backgrounds encountered in my own life.

I do not claim to be telling the utmost truth, but my own experience of it in its constant evolution. I have chosen to do this in order to offer more tools for people who want to relate to the misteries of life.

The second part of the book offers more explanations and bibliographical data, for those who want to study also in this way.  I am still writing this part.

This is not a scholarly book, but the direct experience of life as it is for one practioner of spirituality.

After two years from the beginning of this enterprise, I have decided to share  these steps in a blog, following times and seasons, so that this becomes a work in progress, just like the real spiritual research.

Badger Medicine Spirit

Declaration of Copyright and Thanks

I hereby declare that all the material appearing in this blog is ONLY and ENTIRELY written by me Antonella Vicini (aka Badger Medicine Woman).  I take full responsability for the material I choose to mention and show, the photos are also my property.

If you want to know more about my background and activities this is my website where you can find such information.



This Book is dedicated to all my teachers who opened the door and encouraged me to walk in!

To J.R. For his immense patience with a very hard cookie

to B.R. for his constant warmth

to M.G. for showing me the garden

to KB for being.

My gratitude goes to my sister without whom I would get lost.